Kansas City Ideal Org Update

Eight years ago we purchased the most amazing building to be our Ideal Org. We have been working to get the funds raised to start the renovations over all these years. So much time! This consideration that it will take a long time is no longer our operating basis. Kansas City has been named to be completed with its fundraising for the renovations by June.

Bob and I decided that this is getting DONE!!! He and I have announced that we will step up to New Civilization Builder. But we ask one thing from everyone who supports our Ideal Org Project. We ask that everyone play a game!!! We ask that our donation is matched by the supporters of our Ideal Org. That means your donations will be doubled!! We also ask that 17 status increases are made! We are targeting to have this done by this Thursday! But we need your help.

When this game is completed Kansas City Ideal Org donations for the past 7 weeks will be near the 1 million dollar mark!! That is how we are going to get it done by June.

Bob and I want to bring Scientology to everyone in our city and the surrounding states. Our tech is the only thing that will bring sanity and happiness to our friends and family! That is why we are playing this game to DO IT NOW!

Be a part of the decision to DO IT NOW!! Play our game! Donate and we will match it up to our New Civilization Status!! Increase your Status as well!

Call the org at 816 753-6590 and let me know that you are playing the Game with us!
Terri and Bob Marx

Bob and Terri Marx are shown at a 2012 Kansas City Ideal Org fundraiser at the top. Bob and Terri are already Platinum Ideal Org Humanitarians, so the org will have to find something above that if they donate another million dollars. Below is an artist’s version of the finished Ideal Org.

And this is what it looks like before renovations.

Kansas City used to have Ideal Org events. They had one in 2014.

Saturday, April 26, 2014
Ideal Org Barbecue Competition
Saturday, May 10th we have a very special announcement and briefing about the Ideal Org. It is preceded by a barbecue competition where you are the judge! Or you can bring your own special barbecue recipe and be one of the contestants! Barbecue starts at 4:00 with the briefing right after. It will be videotaped so wear your best “Sunday-go-to-barbecue” duds! So you can see it is quite a big deal! The only question is: Will you be there?Mmmmm, I can smell the barbecue smokin’ already!

There were no events in 2013. There were five in 2012. We hope to keep you updated on the Terri and Bob Marx matching challenge.


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