Cause Resurgence Rundown – Running In Circles

Cause Resurgence is all the rage at Flag Land Base in Clearwater, Florida. The success stories are flowing, and the secret seems to be out that wearing a Flag-logo track suit means you’re doing Cause Resurgence, and it involves a lot of running.

Hey Guys, Sneak Peak on Cause resurgence….

As I was going through the process, slowly by slowly, my head started disappearing, I could see through it like a crystal glass, and I’m thinking “hey, what the hell is this” completely floating in god knows what, it eventually all but disappear entirely, what??? But wait, the entire body, down to my toes, went through the same experience, with my eyes wide open, the whole body went by the boards. And then, I had to hold my breath, almost chocked… There was no body there anymore, no blood, no nerves, no bones, no nothing, eyes wide open… After a while experiencing this I ended up in a time, a location,I can only describe as “before Mest, before bodies ever existed” not sure if it’s before MEST itself or before I got into it, but there… I got a glimpse, just a tiny, little glimpse of who I was… Where I was… What IT was… And man it was Glorious…. Mest, bodies, fast cars, pizza and belugas, all this has NO actual existence in itself except in the agreement we hold to it, it’s quite surreal to experience it firsthand guys…

The process that causes such amazing results is apparently very simple. Go to the sixth floor of the SP Building, change into your Flag track suit, and enter the darkened room with the orange glowing pole in the middle. Now, run in a circle around the pole. That’s all there is, according to reports from inside the base. We haven’t found any photos of the darkened room, this is an artists’s rendition from the planning stages of construction.

Wow–this is quite an action, and actually, a Solo action of incredible simplicity and power. While doing this brilliant LRH Rundown I felt like I was running across a battle field with explosions and all kinds of obstacles around me with deep dark pits of places one could fall into outside of present time. As one does the R/D all this just dissolves! And who is doing the dissolving? You, the spiritual being using your thetan energy — which we all know is senior to MEST but until you get into action and knowingly exercise your own power in present time, being theta the source point, one won’t really understand the scope of how the theta-mest theory applies to one’s living operating basis. So many things happened on this RD and so fast that one doesn’t have a moment to really grasp the significance of it. So it is nice to be sitting here writing my success and recovering this information.

Here are some other things that happened:
1) I started the R/D barely able to exercise any cause in the space at all, I had all kinds of physical things with my body I was the effect of and I was stuck in lower tone band attitudes towards my body. Like antago to it and not liking it and not wanting to be in it and resisting it and beating it up and so forth! Well being in a body when you are pounding on it all the time, isn’t a very nice place to reside! Why put that in your own living environment?? All that is totally gone.

2) While this R/D does not address the body, I did find that my relationship with the body and how I handled it was addressed in a very interesting way. I found I was able to blow chronic somatics at will, I could out-create the bad energy associated with whole track ridges, masses and all sorts of junk by putting good energy in its place. I even found that I began to do this instinctively.

3) One discovers and learns how energy flows relate to one’s survival and how to handle them. The handling and control of energy flows is not something taught or trained ANYWHERE–unless you go in and do this R/D–here at Flag! This ability gained is unique to this action and quite valuable!

4) I got to the point where I was able to BE THERE in PT so comfortably that I would go exterior and stay exterior for long periods. It was an amazing feeling, being at home with myself and just feeling like I had a non-stop FN.

So all in all, if I look at what my spiritual state and energy flows were before this R/D they were kind of crooked, jerky, urgent, defensive, ridgey at times, solid and boomerangishly chaotic. AFTER the RD: I am able to experience a really streamlined and smooth-flowing self being in present time. I am able to take any bad energy flows that come my way and convert them into something constructive, positive, uptone and lively. Gaining an ability to do that is a Cause Resurgence to say the least!

Thank you to the CRRD team, you guys make this an incredibly pleasant experience – you are running an incredible machine that is producing new beings–very cool!

And LRH is thanked from the bottom of my heart!

The procedure was adapted from something similar at Gold Base, near Hemet, California, in which Sea Org members were punished for real or perceived crimes by making them run around a tree on a circular sand pit for hours on end. The base is in a hot desert environment, and the “running program” was extremely unpleasant and dangerous. In this photo, a Sea Org member can be seen running his circles at the top of the frame.

This is the most amazing thing I have ever done. I don’t actually know where to begin on this… I had so many gains and wins on this but I guess I will give and overview and the biggest ones I can instantly recall.

Well first off, I blew an unbelievable amount of ridges and charge. OMG I had so many ridges I had been holding on to for so many years that I had totally forgotten about and was firmly holding in place. I was literally poisoning myself with my own ridges because I really felt I needed them, like WTF?!?!? I totally handled those now and I know that I create them and I control them and if I don’t want to use them I don’t and now I don’t want to use them anymore so I threw them out the back door.

It really makes life so much easier not having them, I really can’t believe I actually thought they were so important to my survival, I mean I was so convinced that I had to have them in order to survive and that without them I would succumb. But since I have been handing them on this Rundown I’ve actually come to realize that life is a lot easier without them, Crazy!!

The other major win that I had is that I am totally ME again. I didn’t realize it had been so long since I had been myself, but God it’s really nice. It’s totally crazy, you don’t realize when you lose yourself and you don’t always see how off you went until you come out of it. It’s was nuts seeing how off and all I can say is I am so glad I was actually able to regain me back because for a long time I really thought I wasn’t going to be able to.

I have to include this in hear but there was one specific ridge I handled which happened many years ago which has been the biggest source of ridges and BPC for me, it is the one thing I failed at in life and the one thing I wanted more in life than anything else and for years I have literally beaten myself over it and regretted it so much. Well while on this Rundown this totally blew, like it was so crazy it was like an explosion and literally every ridge that I had on this cycle completely blew, it was gone and I can now look at it and be responsible for what I did on it and I have no ridges, regrets, upsets or anything on it at all.

The most amazing part of this I feel is the fact that I am so happy now, like I have not been this happy in a LONG time. But the way I view life now is so different, like life is interesting, life is beautiful, I like people, I want to create and I am totally blown out all the time. I can literally say that this Rundown changed the course of my life because the way I was going, I don’t think I would have gotten any better.

Additionally for the first time ever it has become really real to me that I am a thetan, that I am myself and that I am actually capable of so much more than I ever thought I was. I’ve basically decided that I am done playing the minor games of life, they are boring and useless, like I look at them now and laugh because they are so stupid. I’ve now gotten to experience how powerful I am as a being and I am so pumped to use it to make a difference in the clearing this planet, I’ve never been more ready in my life, it’s totally crazy!!!!!

I don’t really know what else to say but I am just so blown away. I don’t know how LRH developed this Rundown but it is AMAZING, it is UNREAL and it’s so BEAUTIFUL!!!!

I want to thank everyone in CRRD because they all helped me get through this Rundown in one way or another and they are awesome. RTC and COB because they restored the tech and ensure that it is kept 100% pure. And LRH, I have no words to say how grateful I am, Sir, I really feel this Rundown saved my life and I am so thankful that you discovered this and made it available for all of us to take advantage of.


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