Biking Across America For Scientology

Scientologists Virgil Tanner and Lacey Larson are raising funds for their biking trip across the United States, during which they plan to promote the Scientology front group Foundation for a Drug Free World. The trip is planned for April 2015 starting in San Diego and ending in St. Augustine, Florida in July 2015. The website is, and they intend to post details of their trip in their blog.

The two are not experienced bikers, and will have to average more than 20 miles per day to finish the course. The current plan is to travel with their four Yorkshire Terriers as passengers.

We are doing this trip on behalf of the nonprofit group “Foundation For A Drug Free World”. This is an organization that concentrates on EDUCATING people WHY they shouldn’t take drugs rather than simply telling them to Just Say No or make them wrong and condemn them for taking drugs. It is proven that when people have the facts of something and fully understand why it is harmful they are more likely to make the right decision. The problem is that right now in America every 17 seconds a teenager experiments with drugs for the first time. And nearly half meet dealers right in the hallways and campuses of their schools. While at the same time prescription drug abuse has soared by 400%–exceeding heroine [sic], cocaine and ecstasy combined! Everyone should know The Truth About Drugs! We will be traveling from town to town handing out “The Truth About Drugs” booklets and doing Drug Education Seminars in elementary schools in every state we ride through. The earlier kids know about this the better life choices they can make. Also, we are going to have a “Pledge for a Drug Free Life” that people can sign during our travels. Every person we get to educate is one less person who will fall victim to drugs.


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