National Institute of Fashion Technology Welcomes Scientology – Narconon India

Narconon India had an event yesterday at the National Institute of Fashion Technology in New Delhi, India. This is the first Narconon event we have seen that also uses the Foundation for a Drug Free World brand name. Previously the two organizations pretended to be completely separate.


To promote our message of living a drug free life, we did something creative this time for the most creative campus in the country!
We did a live band performance and it was a huge hit with the students!!! We did the event at their annual fest ‘Spectrum’ where there were students from all the other NIFT’s in the country.The performers were wearing ‘The Truth About Drugs’ t-shirts and they even spoke against drug abuse. We even distributed lots of drug info booklets. Needless to say we disseminated to a lot of people.The event was so successful that we have been invited by the director at NIFT again and we are in talks to include the ‘The Truth About Drugs’ materials in their curriculum !!!! We followed up the gig with a lecture.

Scientologists Astha Singh (center) Kapil Arora (right) participated in the event.

Scientologist AKshay ShaDowzz presented the drug information portion of the event.

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