Ecuadorian Government Welcomes Scientology – Narconon

Consejo Nacional de Control De Sustancias Estupefacientes Y Psicotrópicas (CONCEP) is an agency of the Government of Ecuador. In English it means National Board of Control on Narcotic Drugs And Psychotropics. Some of the board members are the Minister of the Interior, the Minister of Education, the Minister of National Defense, the Attorney General, the Minister of Justice and Human Rights, and other top government officials.

On March 3rd the staff of CONCEP participated in an introductory seminar presented by Narconon Ecuador. As there is no residential rehab facility in Narconon, we assume the presenters are staff of the Quito Scientology Mission. The session included demonstrations of Scientology touch assists and Training Routine 0, or TR-0, in which two students sit across from each other and stare without moving for hours at a time.


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