L12 Success Story – Sapien Last Remains

We don’t often post course completions or success stories, but this one deserves some comment. L12 is a level that can be done any time after the OT3 Xenu story. Jefferson Hawkins described the L levels at The Underground Bunker:

I recall L-10 as being a sort of whole track Sec Check. All of those questions you listed and many more were asked and were taken earlier and earlier until you were running incidents millions or billions of years ago. It was supposed to free up your attention from those ancient misdeeds and make you more powerful in present time. In retrospect I’d have to say that it made me believe that I was more powerful. It gave me a sort of temporary dopamine rush.

It is terribly invasive, but as a Scientologist you get acclimated to it. Your auditor is like your therapist, you open up to him or her and confide everything, all the innermost thoughts and so on. And the auditor is also like a “tough love” therapist, pulling out those things you don’t want to talk about. All of this is done with the supposed assurance that whatever you say is just between you and your auditor. When you realize that isn’t the case — that your sessions are being openly shared and talked about and so on — it sort of breaks the spell. I don’t think Scientologists these days have a deep bond with their auditor.

And yes, generally a session ends with a feeling of euphoria. Auditors are trained to watch for those euphoric moments, any sort of “aha” moment or feeling of well-being, and end off quickly.

We think this story is a result of such a dopamine rush, or feeling of power and euphoria. We are struck by the mention of “Sapien last remains,” which we think is a reference to Homo novus, or New Man. The idea is that Scientology processes are so powerful they will cause a change from Homo sapiens to a new species. But for those who don’t join Scientology, the implication here is that they will die out and become extinct.

L12… Ghost in the machine
Still wondering how I can explain what happen on L12, what I experience… This is even tougher to explain than L10. So I won’t!
BUT… I will tell you this:
It’s like waking up from a trillion year old sleep, that in that sleep you dreamed you were someone else, somewhere else.
That things looks really different after waking up from that long sleep, even physically, things look thinner and somewhat transparent at time.
That exteriorisation is not limited to this universe, that one can be exterior in many places at once simultaneously, that on can be at many places at the same time.
That time no longer exist for you as a being…
That you gain abilities that are what dreams are made of.
That you become so stable and certain as a spiritual being, that it is MEST that has become the dream you have awaken from.
That no one anywhere can make you PTS again.
That all of these wins and gains, you physical death won’t take away…
Once there was this man who dreamed he was an immortal being,
Once there was an immortal being who dream he was a man,
One of them woke up,
The other disappeared,
like a dream!
On a more personal note, I no long wonder about WHO or WHAT I am. It’s not an idea, not a dream, not a hope, it’s just what is now, it’s really a new state of beingnesses and awareness, one that is not bound by or limited by MEST and is not even slightly related or connected to it.
Above and beyond what the eyes can see is what you enter into when on L12, it’s that glorious new beginning dawning on Sapien last remains, it’s when you finally cross on the other side, it when you finally become aware of and become capable of, being Immortal.
In that state and with those new abilities, nothing, no one, anywhere can ever get you down again. BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT REALLY HERE ANYMORE
Oh how that changes everything now…


2 thoughts on “L12 Success Story – Sapien Last Remains


    If you are not really here anymore the Church nevertheless still wants all of the money and possessions you left behind in this universe.

    Frankly, I wouldn’t worry about Yvan becoming too ethereal. That next sec check or ethics cycle will bring her crashing back down to Earth. Always happens.

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