Help Wanted – ULAN, Clearwater, FL

Several Positions Open – ULAN NUTRITIONAL IS NOW HIRING!!! – CLW
1170 NE Cleveland St.
Clearwater, Florida 33755

Help implement a “valid therapy”. Our team of 30+ staff are bringing Nutrition Technology-an effective alternative approach to health which also combats those efforts that are destructive and ineffective. Our clients learn how to successfully manage their practices by implementing the Hubbard management system resulting in practices that flourish and prosper.

If you are motivated, industrious and interested in working with an on-purpose Power FSM team that is improving conditions in society CONTACT US!”

Contact Name: Patti Ferraro
Contact Phone: 727-442-7101 ext. 320


VP Expansion:
We are looking for someone dynamic to head up our Division 6! This person needs to be organized, creative and able to handle lots of randomity. Lots of public contact, supervision of a team of registrars and the various promotional events delivered by the company. Need someone personable and efficient, with a ‘get it done’ attitude!

Bookstore Promo Liaison:
This person will Liaise with the Marketing Administrator to get promo for each bookstore item created and then will be in charge of getting this promo sent to the appropriate public for each item. Emphasis to getting out lots of promo to our new public on the various items our company carries. Also would liaise with the Bookstore Officer to ensure sufficient amounts of promo for every item reach the appropriate public. Involves keeping track of stocks, knowing how much promo is needed for any given item, writing purchase orders and supplying registrars and any book outlets with copies of promo for all items.

Dir Public Contact:
This department head is responsible for the first line of contact with our leads. These leads have come in fresh off the line and are looking to your area for their next step. This post requires the running of juniors and an ability to implement change in order to boom one of the most important sections of our organization as well as the ability to keep order and stand up to high levels of randomity.

Public Contact Registrar:
Want to be on the front line of sales? How about being directly responsible for starting a client on their path to full nutritional excellence? This post requires a good communication cycle, confront, and a desire to help others and is responsible for selling intro products and external one day workshops as well as setting clients up for further services. NO cold calling! Leads are provided.

We need you to help our clients implement LRH Admin technology in their practices, along with a very specialized program developed by our founder, Dr Freddie Ulan to provide the most efficient and professional care to our clients’ nutritional patients. This key position in our company ensures that our clients get the most standard Administrative advice and fully utilize Management by Statistics, How to Get Along With Others, How to Increase Efficiency, Leadership and more! The game here is to make our clients more able, more productive and more successful, thus broadening the use of Nutrition Response Testing and helping humanity to a more sane health care program. Are you up for it?

Advanced Services Registrar:
Seeking uptone, business-like professional sales person to handle our elite public and close them on our Advanced Training Program and Hubbard Management Courses. Knowledge of Hubbard Management Systems and Administrative Tech is a plus. Salary commensurate with experience and production. If you enjoy helping others to reach for and obtain what they want, this is the post for you!

Contact the VP Establishment at 727-442-7101 ext: 320 or


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