Help Wanted – Asentria, Seattle, WA

Human Resources Manager Needed – Seattle
Publication Date: 26 Feb 15
Asentria Corporation
1200 N 96TH ST
Seattle, Washington 98103

Human Resources Manager needed in Seattle based WISE company.

Contact Name: Brandy Bromberger
Contact Phone: 206-344-8800 ext 105


Job Description for the Position of Human Resources Manager.

In its commitment to long-term expansion and enhanced service to customers and community, Asentria Corporation’s standards of employee skills, competence and teamwork are and shall remain among the highest in the field.

Thus, for the position of Human Resources Manager, the employee must:
• Manage the hiring process, including the posting of ads, managing the resumes and hiring paperwork.
• Track employee attendance and Paid Time Off and provide information to finance for each payroll period.
• Maintain complete and accurate Employee files and other necessary records.
• Maintain company Organizing Board.
• Manage Employee Benefits.
• Conduct investigations concerning employee conflicts and other such issues.
• Distribute daily mail and maintain postage meter.
• Monitor Reception phone calls.
• Maintain Communication Center boxes.
• Coordinate building maintenance issues with contractor.
• Manage janitorial and landscaping services.
• Monitor and purchase janitorial and office supplies.
• Manage security of building including opening and closing.

By applying:
• Experience and training in Hubbard Administrative Technology.
• Experience delivering and evaluating Personnel Potential Analysis testing.
• Knowledge of and ability to learn necessary Employment laws.
• Basic computer skills including Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook.
• Fluency in speaking, reading and writing of the English language.
• The ability and aptitude to swiftly learn and perform new duties.
• An accurate and high degree of attention to detail.
• Experience working with attendance and time tracking software is a plus.

To the end that the products of Human Resources are produced at high quality and volume.

In addition to the technical knowledge, experience and competence required of a Human Resources Manager, Asentria employees must also possess personal aptitude to solving problems, high intelligence, perseverance and orderliness, responsibility, drive toward and satisfaction at the attainment of goals, calmness and endurance under stressful conditions, consistency and predictability in the regular attendance to duty, individual initiative as well as participation in group efforts, correct estimation of specific circumstances, fairness, empathy and appreciation toward fellow workers, effective communications skills, and an absence of unconstructive or ill-considered criticism.

In keeping with these job requirements, Asentria utilizes application forms, interview procedures and pre-employment non-medical testing regimens that will assist the company to determine whether applicants possess the skills, competency and above personal attributes necessary to meet the company’s performance standards. Applicants for this position undergo such screening procedures.


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