Ideal Way To Go Clear – Tampa Org

We were struck by the phrase “I’m co-auditing to Clear because that is the Ideal way to go up the Bridge.” Ideal Orgs, Ideal Missions, Ideal Narconons, now an Ideal Clear? We asked one of our correspondents to comment on this poster. It appears if this is the new emphasis for Scientology, it represents a major shift for the organization, and possibly means going Clear is more expensive than ever.

Co-auditing is the best way to go Clear, but it hasn’t been done in Orgs for years and years. It’s where you twin with someone. You each study the level and then you audit each other up the bridge. This way you become an auditor too. It was the only way it was done in the early days. One had to be minimum HPA (Hubbard Professional Auditor) or HDA (Hubbard Dianetic Auditor) before being allowed to attend Congresses. The Congresses were actually auditor hatting workshops – and that’s the way one got up the bridge.

In one reference, LRH states only 50% of your wins come from auditing and the other 50% from training. Then it changed; suddenly people were becoming what was known colloquially as “professional PCs.” So auditing was made more expensive to deter people from just being audited up the bridge instead of training. But now with the way prices have gone up, plus you have to have two meters I have a feeling the co-audit/training may be more expensive.

Trying to find twins is a pain the behind. Very few people can go to the academy during the week and a lot of people won’t study every night. It would be interesting to see the number of auditors auditing PCs vs. the number of students in the Academy.

Flag Friday Graduation Stats

45 Clears and 80 OTs right now on Academy training at Flag and + 240 on GAT2 training.
112 Academy level completion this week!
25 Purif Completion this week.
15 SRD Completion this week.
85 Clears was made this year, and 7 this week.
32 Ls Completions this week!
21 Cause Resurgence Completion
24 Super Power Completion this week !

Help Wanted – Measurable Solutions, Clearwater FL

MEASURABLE SOLUTIONS is hiring & looking to fill the following positions in our Clearwater location:
– Deputy Treasury Manager – familiar with the Finance Series, Treasury experience required, has used computer finance systems
– Call-In Officer – Having your PE & Reg quals in is a must! Other quals for this post are pretty straight forward: have your HARD SELL in BIG TIME and be able to control people at a distance.
– Supervisor for our in-house courseroom – This must be a person who has previous Supervisor training and experience. This person should be willing to have a flexible work schedule, which would include occasional weekends with compensation of having days off during the week.
If you or someone you know is interested, let me know.
Please send resume to

This is what working at a WISE company is like. Pure Scientology.

Stacy Francis Update

Stacy Francis is the Scientologist best known for singing at Tom Cruise’s birthday party on the Freewinds. She was also a contestant on the TV talent show X Factor. Now she will join the cast of R&B Divas Los Angeles, and the Celebrity Centre International is hosting a viewing party on March 4th. What can we expect to see? This summary of a recent episode will provide some idea.

The divas are giving their careers their full focus! Michel’le meets with a producer but things go downhill when he suggests she get vocal coaching. Leela is having problems with hiring a new tour manager and her upcoming performance seems in jeopardy. Meanwhile, Claudette is shooting a music video for her new song and Chanté is whisked away by an ambulance while rehearsing for a big performance. Will she need surgery?

Francis will also be performing at the CCHR Human Rights Awards, February 28th at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel in downtown Los Angeles.