Staff Member Paints To Fund OT Levels

Shanta Louise‎ is a staff member at the Seattle Org. She needs money to pay for her OT levels. At $50-$80 per painting, this could take a while.

Hey all! Some of you may know that my watercolors website is launched! What you may not know is that all of the profits go to my ot levels so you or a friend can buy something aesthetic and help a staff member go up the bridge to ot! Please send this to your friends. And check it out at where you can see my portfolio and purchase directly from there. Also like my facebook page ” illumine the day ” and see the new paintings added regularly. Thx for all the love and support!

Shumba, The Ideal Org Lion – Joburg North

That’s a photo of Shumba, the Ideal Org Lion. He is visiting school children in Kensington, a suburb of Johannesburg, where they are raising funds for the Joburg North Ideal Org. The next fundraiser will be March 7th at the Joburg Org. Joburg North has purchased a building, but has no money yet to do the design phase of the renovation project.

Youth For Human Rights – Kathmandu

The 3rd Annual Youth For Human Rights International Regional Summit will be held in Kathmandu, Nepal on April 2-4. It appears that the Narconon Nepal people are branching out in their involvement in Scientology front groups. We would be interested to see how many participants are not local, our guess is only one or two.

Fresh Club Taiwan – Stimulation and Bias Disorder

Our first article out of the gate is this from the Hsian Mission in Taiwan, and these are usually hard to decipher. We have the original and the Bing translation below. We don’t know what material is being debated, but we love the maze drawn on the whiteboard. As a pure guess, we’re going to say it’s the relationships course.


Fresh Club
Stimulation and bias disorder
Students hot discussion

Position Wanted – Clearwater, Florida

I am looking for full-time employment. I am living in Clearwater, but am willing to relocate for the right opportunity. I am highly admin trained and I have an excellent production record as I have been very active in the Wise sector for over 23 years as well as in the APS and IHELP sectors. I have introduced hundreds of public to LRH tech (mostly Healthcare professionals and also children of all ages). I have held executive positions in Qual mostly but also in Div 1 and other divisions. I am looking for a challenging and rewarding game with a prosperous and uptone group. Looking forward to hear from you and I will supply you with my resume, commendations and references.

We believe “APS” means New Era Publications International ApS (Denmark). “IHELP” is the International Hubbard Ecclesiastical League of Pastors.

Foundation For A Drug Free World – New York

The Scientology subsidiary Foundation for a Drug Free World presented their material at four locations in New York last week, but the identity of all has been concealed, probably to avoid negative press. Above and below “Brooklyn Church.”

Below – “Bronx After-School Event”

Below – “Training Seminar – New York Police Department”

Below – “NYPD Truth About Drugs Presentation”