Drug Free World Training – Lesotho

On the evening of the 24th the Camera crew from Gold and the Coordinator for Drug Free World Africa left for Maseru, Lesotho to meet up with the Drug Free World Lesotho Executive Director Mr. James Molorane.

Due to heavy traffic, heavy rain storms and bad roads we decided to set up camp in Ladybrandt about 30 minutes from the Lesotho border around 2 am in the morning.

The following morning 25th we woke up at 7:30 am and left around 8:30 am after we had breakfast, braking [sic] down our camping equipment and sleeping tent, loaded our equipment and of [sic] we went to the Lesotho border. We eventually met up with James Molorane at a Restaurant in Lesotho around 1 pm. We had a meeting and found out that Lesotho has about 1.8 million people in Lesotho and that drug abuse were affecting about 78% of the Lesotho population according to James. And that drugs are being used for the first time from as you as 5 to 10 years old.

The shocking part was that Lesotho has an on going [sic] growing concern. Children would go to free school systems and use drugs due to peer pressure and fall pregnant. When the baby is born the child is left in front of an orphanage in Maseru. Before the orphanage babies were left on the side of the road or in dustbins. The when these babies grow up and they too go through the same cycle which is not OK and need to be addressed urgently.

At 2 pm we did a training seminar for about 2:30 hours with 15 volunteers from the Drug Free World team from Lesotho. We went over the Mission of Drug Free World Africa “Creating a drug free Africa” then we went over the Purpose “Saving many Lives” and started the training. The training was very well received by the volunteers and they participated attentively and with grate excitement. They were trained on how to use the drug free world materials. Who the target public are and how to go about creating events and booklet distribution. The volunteers signed a drug free world youth pledge (a promise) to educate individuals about the TRUTH about drugs and to clean up their community and country from the scourge of drugs.
When we walked into the training hall, this group did not look sure or interested but after the training this group of volunteers was infused with purpose, determination, Knowledge and now had the facts now on how to create a drug free Lesotho through education.

The Coordinator for Drug Free World Africa Mr. Maurithus Meiring that did the training with the newly formed Drug Free World Lesotho Volunteers team is very exited about this team and can’t wait to see their great works in Lesotho.

On the 26th we wrapped up the cycle with Mr. James Molorane the Executive Director for Drug Free World Lesotho. The Lesotho team was given anti drug booklets, a drug free world banner, a drug free world T/shirt and other materials to start of their very own Truth about drugs campaign in Lesotho.
This was a very short visit but well worth it. We will be back soon to ensure that the Drug Free World Campaign is Launched in a big way, and that many individuals can be reached in Lesotho to ultimately creating a drug free Lesotho and reverting the drug problem in Lesotho.

Best of luck to the New Drug Free World Team in Lesotho and we wish you all the best. We will be in touch and assisting you all the way through to create a drug free Lesotho.

If you would like to be trained or have a team that needs training to become a Drug Free World Team in Africa please send us an email to http://www.truthaboutdrugs.pretoria@gmail.com
Together we can create a drug free Africa.

Best regards
Maurithus Meiring
Coordinator for Drug Free World Africa

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