Elad Hadar Seminar In East Grinstead

There are a couple of words that should appear in that flyer – “Scientology” and “WISE.” From his website, which is filled with spelling and grammatical errors:

The company is sponsored and licensed by the largest consulting enterprise in the world – WISE. Success uses the WISE business consulting methodogy [sic]. This methodology employs the most advanced administative [sic] technology in the world and has been implemented in hundreds of thousands of businesses worldwide. Among the corporations benefitting [sic] from its use you will find companies like: MacDonald’s, IBM, Coca Cola, Sony, Mercedes and many more…

The company was founded by Elad Hadar. Elad is the WISE chairman of Israel and is a certified consultant on behalf of WISE international holding it’s most senior rating – charter member. Elad has extensive business experience and has owned several other companies in different fields In addition to success Consulting Group. On January 1, 2007 Success Consulting Group won the title: “Business Success for 2006″. Success has trained thousand of consultants and built and improved hundreds of businesses using WISE technology.

And here is Hadar explaining how he will help ABLE, the Association for Better Living and Education.


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