Scientology Intensives and Oxygen Therapy To Cure Cancer

Cancer treatment:
I have so many responses to my post that there is no way I can answer them all, and I want to share this data with you. So if you have a real question, about a real existing problem, contact me. I am doing so much now that I don’t have time to just answer idle curiosity questions. If you have a family member or friend who has a problem with cancer, Hepatitis, HIV, or any disease, I can assure you that this process will help.

It is not cheap. Not covered by insurance. Is an oxygenation process that is off the grid, that is more effective than anything else I have studied, and I have studied a lot. It is a super detox that gets more oxygen into every cell of your body than any other system anywhere. Anaerobic diseases (those diseases that live without oxygen) are killed, dead, by oxygen. The problem in most procedures is getting enough concentrated pure oxygen to the problem area, and other physical difficulties that may stand in the way of getting results from conventional treatment. Get those out of the way, by this process, and conventional may work (but not for me for I am not about to suffer the “minimal” damage predicted and expected from radiation and chemo.) So I will continue until it is gone gone gone, and then wave the bloody flag and shout to the rooftops of a means of beating this bastard without the deadly trio, chemo, radiation and surgery.

This process, though expensive, will remove those other things in your body which inhibit getting well, and then work on the problem at hand. In other words, we all have a myriad of physical problems that we live with every day, which stand in the way of effective treatment. This process handles that, and thus eases the way to handling the big problem, like smoothing the roadway.

I will write a book about this when it is done. And I know that it ain’t over till the fat lady sings, but I have it on the run now and want to share. If you have a good reason other than just curiosity, and need help now, get with me. I don’t have time to talk to dozens, and there are dozens of inquiries, but I will spend time explaining as much as I can to someone who really needs help here and NOW. I will give you the direction and the hope, so get with me under these conditions. I want to help. write me first, and then we will get together by phone. I will be back in Clearwater next week to get an intensive and be with my honey and plan the wedding, as well as do some work, and then back in Vegas on the 2nd.

Sec Check wishes this Scientologist well with his recovery, but we don’t think highly of this oxygen therapy (not necessarily oxygen capsules), or the intensive in Clearwater to follow. An intensive is a 12.5 hour auditing program, sometimes part of reaching a new OT level, but in this case it appears to be to help him treat cancer. This is all the result of the pressure in Scientology to “handle physical conditions” without using any drugs. There is no therapy that helps with all diseases, and the fact that it isn’t covered by insurance should be a tip-off that it’s not legitimate.


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