Slovak Musicians For Scientology – Slovakia Without Drugs

It’s tax time in Slovakia, and Scientology would like you to consider it a time to contribute to Slovensko Bez Drog, or Slovakia Without Drugs. The Slovak system allows taxpayers to contribute 2% of their taxes to a non-profit group, and Slovakia Without Drugs is eligible. To make the point are two Slovak musicians – Patrik Vrbovský and Martin Valihora. Vrbovský is a rapper better known as Rytmus. Three of his singles have reached #1 on the Slovak music charts. Valihora is a drummer, and has played with a number of pop and jazz bands. He is on the far left of this photo, taken at a military festival in September, 2014.

Dear FB friends and supporters There Slovakia without drugs. Our civic association makes interactive lectures on drug prevention in primary and secondary schools. During his tenure, the “truth about drugs” has more than 130 thousand children, lectures are carried out with funds from the donors of gifts through a public collection and thanks to resources from the 2% of the taxes businesses and employees.

We want to offer you this opportunity to support our media activities to promote general awareness of the drug problem and the visibility of the activities of the Association.

On this billboard may be placed on your company’s logo.

Nowadays we are going such a campaign on the occasion of the acquisition of 2% of the taxes. If you are interested to participate in this campaign, do not hesitate to contact us.


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