Academy Awards To Be Held At Celebrity Center International

We’re sure nobody would ever be confused by this poster – it’s obviously the Academy Auditor Awards, not the Oscars – the slightly more famous awards from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Hosted by Jeremy and Tarel
Featured Speaker Mr. David Petit
Friday, February 27th, 2015 7:45 PM
In the Garden Pavilion

Petit is the CO CCI. From Jefferson Hawkins:

There are many, many more such stories. So that is how they work. They prey on underage children. They call them in to a room, without their parents, and with two or three or four Sea Org recruiters. They hammer them, sometimes for hours, with stories about the horrors of the “wog world” – drugs and violence – and the glories of the Sea Org. They are told how wonderful Sea Org life will be. They are told that “all their friends are joining.” They get them to sign a Sea Org contract without their parents knowledge, and then, when the parents object, they tell them that they are “CI” and “out-ethics” and if they continue to object, they will be declared. So the parents buckle, most of them. Except for one guy I know who slammed Dave Petit up against a wall at CC and told him to stay away from his children.

From Jason Beghe:

Once his disappointment was so great he began talking about leaving altogether, Beghe says the church sent people to talk him out of it. “Big fucking cheeses. At the end, one was David Petit, head of Celebrity Centre International. I’ve known him for a long time,” he says. “He told me: ‘If you want, I’ll make you the president of any Celebrity Centre, anywhere in the world.’

An anonymous story on Blownforgood, Marc Headley’s web site:

As a public, the abuse continued, but at Celebrity Centre, which is by far one of the most strangest orgs i have been to. The staff there had would stare at every public if they were degraded fools to be preyed on. They had no respect for public, and would insult them nonstop. Cassie, HCO, and of course David Petit would reg the hell out of everyone. CC is the regging center in LA, because of the actors that go there. Everything from buying 50 copies of battlefield Earth to buying a total strangers course had been thrown in front of me.

I decided that I may want to join the SO again, but was hesitant. One day Cassie shows up at my door, and I tell her that. She tells me we’ll do a drill: I pack my bags and go, and if I still feel like it’s wrong, I can leave. In walks David Petit. Now David Petit is a very hateful human being. He has sheer hatred for gays, and days earlier, told me he had done a clay demo with a man giving another man a blow job and as the Supervisor was sort of ‘what the hell is this’, he said the demo was showing an SP or whatnot. I believe David himself is gay and will not admit it, and has never been able to accept it or something. Anyone who meets him and hears him speak can tell he seems gay, but yet he expresses such hatred towards gays.


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