Update: Florida State Fair

We previously reported that Scientology has a booth at the Florida State Fair in Tampa, Florida. We now have the list of volunteers, as well as stats, and it seems like it takes a lot of work to sell 35 Scientology books in a week.

I want to acknowledge and HIGHLY COMMEND the following people who have come to help at the Tampa Org Dianetics booth at the Florida State Fair: Belleair Mission staff Marian Esnoval and Sarah Eckelberry. Public: Lorraine Parker, Lynette Barry, Deborah Otto and Brian Ward.

We are currently at 35 books sold with nearly a full week to go! We would love some more shoulders to the wheel! Who can come and help? We had a gal that got a stress test come in to the org this morning! With our beautiful tech so perfect, we are so prepared to deliver! Just help us get them in the door! Come sell books! You are helping Flag as well because our public move on to Flag!!!

Please Play the Birthday Game and take a slot or two! It’s FUN!!!!!!

We can totally help to hat and drill you on anything! Instant message me, email me at judyfagerman@gmail. com or text me on my cell at 727-410-6921
ML, Judy Fagerman Dir Success / VM I/C Tampa Ideal Org

Update: Additional photos of Deborah Otto and Frances Slade.

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