Help Wanted – Narconon Standard – Moscow

Evgeniya Šamitko (left) Svetlana Kobzeva (center) are recruiting staff for Narconon Standard, in Moscow, Russia. Translation by Bing.

Narconon-standard in Narconon Rehab Center actively developing staff and volunteers are needed. Our Center “Narconon-standard” (Moscow) has more than 14 years. We continue to expand and make recruitment! We are ready to consider, as professionals in the field, and inexperienced young people.

The main demand of the person is the desire to help people and the desire to learn and to produce a product. If you don’t like your job, or you just want to change your occupation, you have the chance to do it now! We have a range of jobs, from anti-drug lecturer and specialist in rehabilitation of people addicted to proâsniteli words, supervisors, Administrators of new life Detoxification program. There is also a jobs Office staff: PR-managers, marketing and advertising, receptionists.

What is the pros work at our Center?
1. Training through the Organization on any 2 post which has interested you. The possibility of studying abroad (United States, Denmark) at the expense of the company 3. Worthy payment for. Full registration of TK the RUSSIAN FEDERATION 5. The young and friendly staff 6. To help people who find themselves in a very difficult position 7. Career opportunities please email me now or call 963-782-8-32-90


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