Scientology in Latvia – Video on Why Postulates Don’t Work

We hope one of our readers may be able to translate this, we only know that the lecture was given at the Riga, Latvia Mission, and it’s in Russian. It’s been our suspicion for some time that the Riga mission is a Russian mission, given the growth Scientology has experienced in that country.

Latvia and Russia have a long and bitter history, mostly caused by Russia’s need for ice-free ports on the Baltic Sea. During World War II Latvia was occupied by the Germans, until late in the war when the Russians took the country and made it part of the Soviet Union. Many Latvians followed the Germans in their retreat and made their way to the United States and Brazil, because they feared the brutal rule of the Russians. For them, the Russians were literally worse than Hitler.

With the break-up of the Soviet Union Latvia is left with a large population of Russian speaking citizens. In some cities, Russian is even the majority language, which is a source of irritation for ethnic Latvians. To the extent Scientology in Latvia is seen as a Russian religion, it will not be accepted by the majority of Latvians.

Scientology straddles this divide with materials in both languages. This video comes from Latvijas Dianētikas Centrs in Latvian, but the description is Вчера прошёл Вечер Выпускников, на котором их поздравили. И также прошёл брифинг Нелли Земниеце: “Почему не работают постулаты?” in Russian. Google translates that as Yesterday Evening was held, at which their Graduates were congratulated. And also was briefed by Nelly Zemniece: “Why don’t work postulates?”


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