New Sea Org Member – Giovanni Bellotti

Yesterday Giovanni Bellotti went to Flag to activate his Sea Org contract. Today should be his first day on the Estates Project Force, or EPF, which is a type of Scientology boot camp. The EPF are given “MEST work” such as landscaping or renovations. The striking part of this photo, and the reason we kept all the Facebook comments, is the obvious pride of his father, and the congratulations of their friends. When you live in the bubble, this is a day to be celebrated, and the emotions seem very genuine. Rocky Bellotti, already in the Sea Org, is shown below, and appears to be the younger brother.

This is the proudest I have ever been of someone in my life. Giovanni has always been his own person. He marches to one beat and that is his own. For the past four years he has been waiting for this day to come. No, he has been preparing himself for this day to come. Today he took that long 2 and a half mile drive north on Fort Harrison to Flag where he will take his place alongside his older brother Rocky in the Sea Org where he will serve humanity. There is no better place on earth he can be.


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