TR-0 Bullbait at Narconon on Turkish Television

The Turkish National Television network TRT 1 aired a profile of Narconon Turkey, which also goes by the name Uyuşturucu Madde Bağımlılığı ve Alkolizm ile Mücadele Federasyonu’nun, or UBAM. The remarkable part of this for us comes at one minute in, where patients, or “students” in Narconon-speak, wave their hands in front of their “twin’s” face to try to provoke a reaction. This is TR-0 Bullbait, performed by every Scientology recruit as part of their TRs and Objectives course, and the student is being trained to “be there” without getting distracted.

We count 11 people in the video, and we assume they all live in that house. It seems quite crowded, which may explain why they all look unhappy with their arms crossed.

We contacted a Narconon expert, who described the video to us.

The first image, where their hands are touching and moving, is part of Objectives. The command is “put your hands to mine and follow their motion.” Then afterwords they ask, “did you contribute to the motion?” Then it cuts to them marching, then back to a group doing TR-0 Bullbait, where they’re showing a much tamer version of trying to get them to flinch/react. It is usually much more raunchy than that.


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