Durban Org Update

We posted this photo of the Durban Ideal Org fundraiser last week. Now we have some background from our friends at Scientologists Back in Comm, one of the most insightful Scientology blogs. We never miss reading the articles, and the comments are always worth the time as well.

The person on the extreme right of that pic (black dress, blue shaker in hand) is the ED – her name is Tarryn Retief. 2nd to her left at the back (behind the Indian guy holding the flag) is an OLD OLD Timer and ex-GO staff member – Rolf Gross – always has and always will be one step away from a beach-bum. Next left is a guy in a check-shirt is Chris Hamilton. Ex SO staff member, declared in the 90’s. Salvaged about 3 years ago (no A-E these days, you just have to agree to carry forward Command Intention and donate LOTS of money). He has been on a “project prepare” to re-join the SO for 3 years – but he had to make money, so he was convinced to become an FSM for Ideal Orgs to get commission to pay off his debt so he could get back into the SO. Guy in blue shirt with bald head – Nick Howarth. There are 6 staff in the pic (I think).

We received two additional photos of the Durban Org. The first is their group doing the Purification Rundown.

The guy with orange towel over his shoulders is John Gething – to his left is his wife Tracy. He and Tracy were recruited onto Joburg Org staff just before Joburg went St Hill size 2004/2005. He was a Reg of the worst order. Had NO problem putting things on people’s credit cards without their permission/knowledge. This is the 3rd Purif John has done in 7 years.

Concerning the current Durban Org building.

The “new” little org was bought outright by Louis Peens – a “whale donor”. He and Lawrence Retief were keeping DBN org alive by paying their rent, utilities, toilet paper and whatever else needed. DBN Org is utterly unsustainable without outside support of straight donations. When Lawrence got declared that was the end of his support, so they fell into arrears on their monthly commitments, and ended up being evicted. Louis was forced to buy that nice little house for them otherwise they would be operating from a tin shack on the pavement somewhere.

The Way to Happiness group at Durban org. Chris Hamilton in the white shirt, Cherie Hamilton Metzler behind him, Bathobile Dladla to his left.


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