A Scientologist Defends Against Going Clear

While the Freedom Media & Ethics group is putting out a series of misleading attacks like the photo above, we found this defense of Scientology. We think it’s representative of how most active Scientologists view Going Clear, and the former members who are featured in it. “Always attack, never defend” is going out the window as the wagons are circled to defend Scientology from a major flap.

All of the major religions are plagued with internal dissension, conflict and strife caused by a small percentage of people who spread their destructiveness for their own personal gain. They are harmful. Yet in a majority of cases are allowed to continue their harm. The history of this planet is plagued by good groups that were ruined by the destructive criminal few. Most of these groups had good purposes yet failed. The Church of Scientology is a tough, tight-knit group where these troublemakers are not allowed to continue their destruction within the group. We take out the garbage.

The corporate media in this country, for the most part is in agreement with these Saboteurs as conflict and strife make good copy. That is why, when they would do a story on a major religion such as this, they would go to those individuals who were ousted from the group; the criminals, the castouts.

As a group we are not plagued by drug addiction, child molestation, domestic abuse, Illiteracy or any of the other favorites of the media. Yet the pursuit of truth and the solution to the ills of life will offend and anger those who profit from it.

And so we are attacked.


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