Marcab Confederacy Course at Polanco Org – Mexico City

The Polanco Org in Mexico City will be hosting a course on the Marcab Confederacy tonight at 7 PM. L. Ron Hubbard claimed the Marcabs came from Plant Alkaid in the area of the Big Dipper. They are responsible for the implant stations that Scientology believes take people after they die to re-implant memories. No, really.

Major Incidents in the timeline
Cost: $ 50
3 Tuesday in February
Taught by: Clarisse Meschoulam New OT VIII

Attend this data ACC First Melbourne where Ron realizing the incidents in the timeline, to give the solution of nenir to confront the present and taking responsibility not be in the past and confront incidents and come to the present.

Want to know which is the Marcab confederation?
Because you think that airplanes and cars and things that we restimulated?
This architecture is modern?
Listen data and ways the confusion of the past
Confirm your attendance

Only for Scientologist veterans, auditors, clears and OTs.


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