Riga, Latvia Mission Stats

Here are the completions for the month of January for the Riga, Latvia mission. Graduation is on February 6th. Translation by Google.

Irina Tikhonova-course for effective time management
Oskars Abelitis-course on the book “Introduction to Scientology Ethics”
Rita Bebre-course “mini šlâpâ”
Roberts Šilings-course personal values and integrity
Agnese Tarvida-teaches a course on communication for children
Dzintars Mednis-course for effective time management
Dzintars Mednis-course “overcoming ups and downs”
Jānis Sakarnis-course “who can you trust”
Jānis Sakarnis-course “how to improve relationships with the people”
Olga Anufrieva-course “Mini-Hat’s technical department
Irina Istomina-course “how to motivate yourself”
Guna Rusecka-course “setting and achieving goals”
Evelyn Zhukova-course “learn to learn”
Mihail Lampert-course on the book Scientology: a new look at life


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