Durban Ideal Org Fundraisers Will Never End

Pity the poor Durban, South Africa org. They lost the previous org building, but managed to purchase and restore what appears to be a very nice little org, below.

But this is not an ideal org, it’s nowhere close to 50,000 square feet. Our rough estimate is 15,000, and to be a Scientologist these days you have to support Ideal Orgs of at least 50,000 square feet. Today Durban held a fundraiser (top) with remote control toy cars, a checkered flag and a Scientologist wearing a tin foil hat in order to raise money to buy and restore an Ideal Org, artists conception below. Fourteen in the photo, plus the cameraman means fifteen people trying to raise enough money to buy a 50,000 square foot building, when they just finished renovations in April on their new, non-ideal org. Some individuals in the photo are probably poorly paid staff members. We think Durban will be having Ideal Org fundraisers for a long time to come.

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