Scientologists Protest For Kerri Kasem

Scientologists protested in Los Angeles’ Grand Park today in support of Kerri Kasem. Grand Park is adjacent to the Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center, the Hall of Justice, the United States District Court and City Hall, so we suspect there is a hearing today in one of these buildings in the dispute over the estate and remains of Kasem’s father, radio personality Casey Kasem. From left to right, Joy Villa, unknown, Tim Sabatino, Sandra Santiago, the rest unknown. The signs read Investigate Casey’s Case. Stop Elder Abuse.

Kerri (below) is a Scientologist, but the case seems to have little to do with Scientology itself, other than some comments by the other party in the dispute – Casey’s wife Jean Kasem.

More details on the background of the dispute are available on The Underground Bunker, and QC Magazine.

Update: We found another photo of the event, with Kasem at the podium for a press conference. The photo was posted by Scientologist Amrapali Ambegaokar.

Photo from Scientologist Kimberly Quigley:

The protest was held at LA County Superior Court, 210 West Temple Street in Los Angeles to urge the police to prosecute Jean Kasem for elder abuse of Kasey Kasem.

Below are protesters (left to right) David Haines, Nathanaelle Couture, unknown, Bayou Bennett, Sandra Santiago, Daniel Lir and Tim Sabatino. At the press conference, Kerri Kasem said “Eventually we all get old and we need the type of care that will ensure our greatest survival.” That quote sounds perfectly normal to Scientologists.

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