50 Humanitarians For LRH – Update

We previously reported on Scientology’s drive to make 50 new humanitarian levels in the Western US before L. Ron. Hubbard’s birthday on March 13th. Here is #7 – will they make it to 50?

#1 – Steven and Jennifer Jacobson Gold Humanitarians for Valley Org
#2 – Jim McGee, Humanitarian with Honors for Kansas City
#3 – Doug and Brenda Arjes, Humanitarians with Honors for Kansas City
#4 – The Nelson Family, Humanitarians for Kansas City. Our research suggests this may be Linda and Ted Nelson.
#5 – Rick and Leslie Hull, Silver Humanitarians for St. Louis
#6 – Tom and Pat Drake, Silver Humanitarians for Kansas City

(above) #7 – Mary Huss, Humanitarian with honors for Kansas City

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