Democratic Alliance Joins Scientology March in Johannesburg

The Democratic Alliance, commonly known as DA, is currently the largest opposition political party in South Africa. Scientologists and DA members marched to the Langlaagte police station today carrying banners for the Foundation for a Drug Free World, and to present a letter asking for more action against drug use in South Africa. Langlaagte is an area to the West of central Johannesburg.

Patricia de Lille (below) has been the mayor Cape Town since 2011, and is a leader in the DA party.

“The drug dealers are not the main problem but the demand of these harmful substances by the community.” The Cape Town Mayor Patricia de Lille and Drug Free World agree that the community need to be educated about what drugs actually do and this will change the market by having individuals better educated about what drugs are so that they can make more informed decisions about their own future.

Maurithus Meiring (below) is the Director of Special Affairs for the Pretoria org, and as such is a senior member of the Office of Special Affairs (OSA).

The Drug Free World Africa Coordinator Mr. Maurithus Meiring said in an interview with SABC “For too long have the communities suffered the hard and cruel effects of substance abuse. What is needed is education so that people know the truth about drugs.” Mr Meiring added that drug dealers and corrupt policeman were not the main source of trouble, the issue is the market which needs to be educated about the destruction drugs cause.

Mr. Meiring said that in 2015 Drug Free World Africa will be training 6,000 anti-drug volunteers in South Africa so that every household and every school in South Africa can be reached, and have asked the community to join hands and work together with Drug Free World to address this issue and train many more anti-drug volunteers.

The community also handed over a Memorandum of Understanding to the Langlaagte Police station with hard words and facts. The Police Department have promised to answer the communities plea against drugs, and to address current drug related issues.


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