The Vancouver Org Museum

This is the Vancouver org at 401 West Hastings St. in the West End neighborhood. In addition to all the processing and training, the org is home to a surprising museum of pop culture – the Cold World mural in the alley around back. This 250 foot mural on both sides of the alley depicts the mirror ball by M.C. Escher, a self-portrait of Vincent Van Gogh, and other less identifiable characters. The city of Vancouver supports a web site – the Vancouver Mural Tour, and considers this and other murals in the city as part of its cultural heritage, and tourist attractions. They alley is small, usually full of garbage, and visitors report the strong smell of urine.

Of particular interest is the portion of the mural on the back of the org building itself. Is there a message to Scientologists in this “Freedom” scene? We like to think it’s an invitation to those inside to think for themselves, and not a reference to the Scientology PR magazine of the same name.

Update: Photos from Pussy Willow showing that Freedom has been painted over. It’s too bad, we thought it was a striking piece of art.


2 thoughts on “The Vancouver Org Museum

  1. The posting about the Vancouver BC cult HQ is quite misleading, on several levels.

    First of all, the cult building is not part of the “West End” neighbourhood.

    It is located on the border of the Downtown East-Side neighbourhood and the downtown neighbourhood. It is regarded as located in the downtown “neighbourhood.”

    The cult building is also located seven blocks east of the eastern edge of The West End neighbourhood.

    Secondly, there are no murals on both sides of the alley involving the cult building.

    There is random graffiti on the rear of the cult building in the alley, but the murals shown in your report are on the buildings on the north side of the alley, buildings that are not owned by the cult of scientology.

    It is my understanding that the murals on the north side building facades were commissioned a few years ago but not commissioned by the cult of scientology.

    Most of the mural you claim to be on the back wall of the cult building is no longer there.

    The image of the planet with the word ‘freedom’ has long been painted over with more recent graffiti. Photos 2, 3 and 4 in your post show part of the Cold World mural on the north side of the alley. It extends on those walls for the entire city block.

    On the rear of the cult building, the random graffiti painted there is ever changing, evolving, whereas the “Cold World” mural wall is respected, for the most part.

    The City Of Vancouver Mural Tour Guide mentioned in your post is full of address and location errors. Perhaps those contributed to the misleading information that you have posted.

    Today, I drove to the location and took photos of the entire rear facade of the cult building in the alley. Let me know if you would like to see these and I shall send them to you.

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