Scientology March Has New Sponsors

This is a new ad for the February 1st Scientology march to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in Jamaica, Queens, sponsored by the Foundation for a Drug Free World. It appears to have been printed on newsprint, but we have been unable to identify the newspaper. Several new sponsors appear at the bottom, so let’s break it down.

We can’t identify this logo without a better version of the poster. LA….. something.
The Westchester Shooting Stars Basketball League. Despite the name, the league is located in Queens, and not Westchester county. “The program is designed to engage girls in the fundamentals of basketball, with the goal of improving skill sets, physical fitness, overall game”
ISI Reprographics Incorporated in Flushing, Queens. This is a small printing company whose primary business appears to be blueprint duplication.
100 Black Construction Workers “To improve the political, educational, social and economic status of African Americans within the construction industry.”
Camille’s Cupcake. We are unable to locate this business.
The seal of the city of New York. We suspect this is the sponsorship of City Council member I. Daneek Miller.
From No Hope to Hope. We are unable to located this organization.
Southside Seahawks, a youth football team. “To encourage our youth to become better role models and citizens through the use of sports in the South Jamaica Queens communities.
Rosedale Jets Football Football teams for pre-teens. Rosedale Jets Football has been a staple in youth sports for Rosedale/Laurelton and surrounding communities for over 50 years.
We are unable to locate this business, but it appears to be an event videographer.

None of these companies and organizations appear to be related to Scientology, other than participating in this march. None of them seem capable of making large donations to The Foundation for a Drug Free World, or pay for the printing of Truth About Drugs literature. It appears they have found Scientology’s anti-drug message appealing, and intend to participate to help their community.

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