The Parade is Over, But We Still Want Your Money

We previously reported that Scientology attended the Martin Luther King, Jr. parade in Los Angeles. Today we have additional photos of the Way to Happiness float, the list of community leaders that participated, and a plea for more money. The parade may be over, but the donations cycle continues.

We had major community leaders on our float. Diane Watson, former member of the House of Representatives; Hal Walker, a scientist whose Apollo 11 Lunar Laser ranging experiment is in the National Smithsonian Museum of American History and his wife, Dr. Bettye Walker; and Nick Ferguson, former NFL player for the Denver Broncos and his wife Glady Ferguson.

Diane Watson has been a recipient of Scientology money via Citizens for Social Reform PAC, and helped Scientology out with a letter to French authorities defending Scientology in the fraud case that began in 2009. We can’t find any previous involvement with Scientology for Hal and Bettye Walker, and the claim that Hal was involved in space technology appears to be true. Nick Feruson is a Scientologist and has appeared on the cover of Celebrity Magazine.

We distributed over 1,000 books BEFORE the parade began and after the attendees saw us along the 3 mile route, the demand for the books continued to increase. The police and sheriff’s department marched in the parade and got a tremendous cheerful acknowledgement from the crowd including people shaking their hands and hugging them. This community is highly representative of what can happen when all community groups come together in the name of someone as powerful and uplifting as Dr. King and they then receive The Way to Happiness.

In order to satisfy this demand we need your help to mail 2 copies of this special edition book into the community where the parade was held, the Leimert Park area.

Donate NOW!

There is no suggested amount that will cover 2 copies of TWTH, but Scientology will accept your donation with PayPal or by credit card over the phone. A skeptical person might suggest that there are a lot of left-over copies of The Way to Happiness with Dr. King’s picture on the cover, and that no additional copies will be printed or distributed based on these requested donations.


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