Make Your Own Taco Night at Leon Org

A Taquiza is an informal Mexican party where guests can stand close to the grill, tortillas in hand to make their own tacos when the meat is ready. This one will also have some fundraising for the Ideal Org, and live music.

Taquiza Afternoon Event at the Org de Leon
Awards and Recognitions

Find out the expansion plans we have for 2015 in the Leon Org

A technical report about the bridge to Clear delivered by our auditor Valadez Silvia

Live music and more

Leon is a city in central Mexico with a non-Ideal org. We hope the fun with the Ideal Tacos and music will make up for the unpleasantness of the donations board. This is the current Leon Org (below), the building behind the pole with the iron gate and the pink wall. If Scientology promotional flyers and social media sites don’t show the outside of an org building, it is likely to be small and/or in need of repair. They have not hinted that they are close to purchasing a building, much less renovating it to Ideal standards.


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