New Scientology Desert School – Mojave Academy

This is the new location of Mojave Academy, located six miles North of Edgewood, New Mexico. The former location near Datil, New Mexico closed in 2013. Mojave Academy is sometimes confused with the Mace-Kingsley Ranch, which was near Reserve, NM and has also closed. Both schools were licensed by Scientology subsidiary Applied Scholastics. Mace-Kingsley was led by accused pedophile and rapist Wally Hanks, and there are many accounts of abuse at that facility. We are unable to find any detailed accounts of life at the old Mojave Academy, but the history of children sent to Scientology boarding school in desert locations is one of mistreatment and neglect.

Mojave Academy is not open yet, but the 40 acre property includes a main house, stable, workshop and 500 meter airstrip. Below are photos of the new facility.

Update: We were directed to this description of life at the old Mojave Academy:

Horrible place. My daughter didn’t need handling. She went there to be the nanny, but then got put on the program. She learned way more than I wanted her to learn at the age of 12. How to smoke and what a blow job was. Their version of Murder Routine when pulling O/Ws from kids. And her living conditions were horrid. I wouldn’t let a dog I didn’t like live like that.


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