50 Ideal Org Humanitarians for LRH’s Birthday

The Church of Scientology for the Western United States is asking its members to generate donations such that 50 new Humanitarian levels are received by L. Ron Hubbard’s birthday on March 13th. These donations are given to orgs that have not yet completed their Ideal Org building. Above we see #1 – Steven and Jennifer Jacobson new Gold Humanitarians for the Valley Org.

If this fundraiser is typical, the organizers have about one-third of the donations arranged in advance, called “shills” that are revealed in order to inspire others to contribute as well. The donation amount for each level is set by the ideal org, so a Gold Humanitarian for one org may not be an equal amount for another.

#2 is Jim McGee, Humanitarian with Honors for Kansas City
#3 are Doug and Brenda Arjes (below), Humanitarians with Honors for Kansas City

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