Foundation for a Drug Free World South Africa

The Foundation for a Drug Free World in South Africa announced that they are working with police officers in the Eastern Cape to distribute their educational materials and conduct seminars. We hope to find the schools that are being targeted by this group in the Uitenhage area.

The newly formed Drug Free World Team in Uitenhage run by Ganief Williams, in the Eastern Cape are making headlines. They have trained 5 Police sector managers and one Community Police Forum member at the Kamesh South African Police Services in Uitenhage which were published in the News paper. Ganief have used the educators guide and the information they provided on the pre-program questionnaire and the police officers gave an indication of their knowledge of what they know of drugs. The training was conducted over a two day period and Ganief is confident that the trainees are well equipped and capable to be anti-drug educators.

Most of the feedback Ganief got after the training was that the drug free world booklets are informative and trustworthy. The Police officers and the Community Police Forum are also willing to volunteer for future awareness drives with Drug Free World in team Uitenhage.

The Police officers plan to adopt one school per sector where this program will be implemented, also religious and community leaders will be approached to run this program at the selected schools on behalf of Drug Free World. Ganief said that Drug Free World is a Global brand that must be protected and the standard of quality of the information conveyed should always be accurate, for that reason we are planning to equipped those who meet the drug free world criteria to be included as volunteers.

Update: The Pretoria Ideal Org held a Drug Free World training seminar on January 9-11th. Maurithus Meiring is the Director of Special Affairs (DSA) for Pretoria.

The Drug training seminar on the 9th – 11th January 2015. 24 New Drug Free World Volunteers were trained. 23 thousand Drug Free World Materials were handed over to individuals to educate their communities about the truth about drugs.

The Eersterust community has a very strong drug free world team now, in the past only 3 were trained now there are 12 trained volunteers. The main thing is that the Volunteers from Eersterust run and organized by the Griqwa Community Council run by Chief John Campbell, Chief Leonard Jacobs and Charmaine Daniels. The Eersterust team are confident that they can handle the drug issue in the Eerterust community that lies near to Pretoria.

I am personally very exited about the Drug Free World team in Eersterust and I am expecting big things from them. During the seminars a lady from Aliwal North contacted me, she use to work for the SAPS Narcotics team. She also wants to start up a volunteers group in Aliwal North to address the drugs and drug abuse issues in Aliwal North.

We need to train at least a 3000 volunteer this year to start changing our communities and if I can train more I will. So let me know if you want to be trained as drug free world volunteers.

Moreover the year has started very well and we have a lot ahead of us to clean up our communities. But it can be done. Education is the most effective tool against substance abuse. Together we can be the change we want to see.

Best regards

Maurithus Meiring
Coordinator for Drug Free World Africa


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