Narconon Standard News

Narconon Standard, the largest of several facilities in Russia, recently held an awards ceremony for their supporters. Translation by Bing.

Good time of day! I would like to share with you the good news.

11 January we held an event in “Narconon-Standard” for all those who helped us this year! These were the people who contribute to the Centre’s activities, its development, improvement, as well as those brave guys who carry out prevention of drug addiction among young people with us. Member of Nikita and experienced lecturer Vyacheslav Grigoryev had a cognitive lecture “the truth about drugs”, by L. Ron Hubbard. Interesting data shared Leonid Ged′ko leading specialist in the field of drug abuse prevention and rehabilitation in the network “Narconon”. We made the video/photo report a year on our achievements and plans for the future, and gave thanks. In response, and we thanks with gifts from their parents, then tea with cakes, breakfast buffet and a lot of good companionship.

Narconon Standard recently produced a series of promotional flyers starring American celebrities. We don’t think any of them approved their ad, and certainly Paul Haggis is no longer a Scientologist. Representatives of the celebrities did not respond to our offer to comment. Translation by Bing:

Paul Haggis: “My program” cleansing “was remarkable. I really feel more vigorous, more aware and more relaxed. Now I’m not torn to pieces in a variety of ways to do something, and I bet the wall, if something went wrong. Getting rid of all the residual toxins, medications and drugs actually took effect. After completion of the programme, I gulp some Colas and suddenly really felt the taste of each chemical!”

Lisa Marie Presley: I am 13 years addicted to cocaine and drugs, my life was rolling downhill. When I was 17 years old, my mom found the organization “Narconon.” Since I live this life. The program returns to life.”

Priscilla Presley: “Many people have faced this problem, and I feel that this should be something done. The Narconon program is able to eliminate the very thrust, which causes addicts to go back to reception drugs. Detoxification and especially education are a good first step for all of us to help those we love, and as we become more educated. Then we will be able to reach out and really help them.”

Chill EB: “My story began with the fact that my son was diagnosed with hyperactivity “because” he was struggling in school. A pediatrician said he was a teenager and everything is fine. I was wondering. My search led me to the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR). Labeling “hyperactivity” – is a fraud, and we are all just a fool … Now I passed the first step on the bridge, and I can say that I – a Scientologist. This girl – my wife. We were married three weeks ago and spent our honeymoon in the sauna. I will say that it is still an adventure! We laughed. We were sweating. We found a lot of new friends here. A couple of my victories. The first occurred after the first five minutes. I realized that I can do what before could not: to sit in the sauna for more than five minutes. Then I felt something very strange. On the program “Cleansing” I watched some pink spots on the shoe. I think many of you know, I do not have pink socks. And I began to see things more vivid, just as I’m standing in front of you. I began to weigh less than ten pounds.”


2 thoughts on “Narconon Standard News

  1. I don’t know if it’s just the translation but Chill EB’s “success story” sound remarkably like an acid trip.


    • With translation I think that more casual language is not translated as well as a more formal piece, like a press release. But the part about the pink spots on his feet doesn’t sound good, does it?


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