Mexico City vs. Sydney – Who Will Win?

Any time you see horse or jockey imagery in Scientology it can refer to only one thing – The Birthday Game. Scientology carefully tracks the points that orgs and missions earn for various statistics, and awards are given out to commemorate L. Ron Hubbard’s birthday. This year, the Ideal Org in Mexico City is running neck and neck with the Ideal Org of Sydney, Australia. Who will win? Who will lose? Will both orgs be punished anyway? We will provide updates when we have them. Hubbard’s birthday is March 13th. Translation by Bing.

We will win the game! participatory questions as you can be part of this achievement

Is important to know what NEXT.

Missing only eight weeks for the culmination birthday suit 2014/2015.

We have been in first place in the cumulative international game for several weeks, but last week we exceeded by a few points the organization of Sydney.

Your participation is key and vital.

See the organization, making your services and put extra time to complete.

Register for your following services.

Acquires materials for your training and progress on the bridge as your e-meter Mark Ultra Professional Hubbard VIII.

Bring your family and friends to take services.

We will give you the best birthday present to LRH.


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