Criminon Russia – The Incredibles

We spend a lot of time translating Scientology materials from a variety of languages to English. Bing and Google are equally useful, and we usually try both to see which makes more sense. Unfortunately, we can only copy and paste, we can’t type in Russian, so this will remain untranslated unless one of our readers can help us out. We can tell this much – it’s a flyer for Scientology’s Criminon program, and it has the Incredibles on it. The Incredibles is a 2004 Disney/Pixar movie about a retired superhero family who return to their former profession. Co-starring Scientologist Jason Lee.


5 thoughts on “Criminon Russia – The Incredibles

  1. The headline material reads:

    Are you brave? Active?
    Do you have healthy ambitions?
    Do you care about the future?
    And you want to change the world for the better?

    It can happen!
    Become a CRIMINON hero!

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    save more children from drugs and delinquency, with opportunities to carry out anti-criminal and anti-drug activities for children and adolescents;
    return MORE convicts to a normal social life, giving them the “Kriminon” social rehabilitation program;
    enlighten MORE people of Russia about existing laws in the country, and carry out anti-criminal activities on the streets to prevent possible offenses.

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