Postulates Party – Salt Lake City

The Salt Lake City org will host a Postulates Party with Sandra Lucas on January 17th. Make Your Postulates For the New Year and Make Them Stick.

Lucas in the past has been the org’s spokesperson, and head of the local CCHR. From the Salt Lake Tribune in 2005:

“Bring it on,” says Utah Scientologist Sandra Lucas about any negative publicity stirred by Cruise. Lucas is the Utah chapter president of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR), the lobbying force behind a proposed ban on electroshock therapy, various measures aimed at carving out more rights for parents in the child welfare system and the anti-Ritalin legislation, which Lucas says will resurface during the next session.

Lucas says Cruise’s public display represents growing awareness about the “national crisis” of children and adults being prescribed mind-altering drugs.

From Deseret News in 2004:

The CCHR has long lobbied against antidepressants and electroshock therapy, and against the use of Ritalin for children with ADHD. It also contends that depression, hyperactivity and other mental and behavioral problems are largely incorrect diagnoses that “cover symptoms and don’t handle the real problems,” which may be physical or spiritual, says Sandra Lucas, executive director of the Utah Chapter of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights.

Lucas was in charge of the failed Utah Meth Cop project. From the Salt Lake Tribune in 2011:

The treatments have been given to Utah police officers who say they were poisoned by the meth labs they investigated and dismantled. Ninety-two Utah officers have undergone the treatment under what has been called the Utah Meth Cops Project, said Sandra Lucas, the project’s director. It recently changed its name to the Heroes Health Project so it could begin treating firefighters and returning soldiers who say there were sickened by chemical exposure. The project has a clinic in Orem.

But a Postulates Party sounds like a lot of fun. Would you serve snacks, or could guests just mock them up?


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