Narconon Turkey – TRs and Objectives

Narconon Turkey, located in the capital city of Ankara, is also known in Turkish as Ubam – Uyuşturucu Madde Bağimliliklari Ve Alkolizmle Mücadele Federasyonu. They have provided this video of “students” doing the introductory levels of Scientology in the Practical Course Room. The students are doing TRs and Objectives, and although we don’t have a Turkish translator, the two on the left are doing TR-0, the two on the right appear to be doing Upper Indoc TR-7, and the other pairs are doing objectives. Typical commands would be “Look at that painting” “Walk over to that wall” “Touch that lamp.” Read the full set of TRs and Objectives.

Narconon Turkey is run by Dila Tezemir and Ismail Karakaş, under the supervision of Narconon Southern Europe, also known as “Italy.”

This is the exterior of the facility.

Tezemir is seen here accepting an award for establishing the new center in Ankara.


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