The Truth About Drugs Supercar

This is a newly released photo from the 2014 Say No to Drugs Race in Clearwater, FL, showing the Truth About Drugs Supercar. We invite analysis of the sponsor images seen on the body of the car. We have found that SCCA is the Sports Car Club of America, which sponsors the ITA, or Improved Touring class A. We suspect Hoosier is the name of the painting company.

The main point of this is to highlight the influence of Scientology over the Say No to Drugs Race, and Clearwater in general. The race is organized by the city, and has a large number of non-Scientology sponsors. But a Truth About Drugs car on display at a Say No to Drugs race certainly would lead many to think the race is sponsored by Truth About Drugs, a part of the Church of Scientology.


3 thoughts on “The Truth About Drugs Supercar

  1. Hey, this car looks fast.. I wonder if I can hire it to pick me up in Clearwater some dark, cloudy night? My bus gets back into the Fort Harrison compound pretty late, and me and the rest of the kids are pretty tired from our 18 hours of manual labor.. But I’ll try to make it quick so security doesn’t give you too much flack.. I don’t have any cash to pay, and I’m not really sure where my identity papers are bring held ” for my own protection,” but if you pick me up and we actually escape, I’m sure we can work something out.. Oh, and could you bring maybe a peanut butter sandwich? It’s a safe bet I’ll be starving..


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