Scientologist Cures Cancer with Vitamins and Scientology Courses

We are redacting identifying information about the individual who wrote up his wins in curing cancer with a vitamin regimen and taking Scientology courses.

My Xmas present this year is “simply” a COMPLETELY NEW LIFE. In all possible meanings.

Here is how I handled my cancer. It all started with a testicle cancer in December 2011. Both had to be removed. Then in March 3013 (see PET CT picture), I got a metastase diagnosed on a lymph node, in the mid of the belly, between intestine and spine. I got a second surgery in July 2013 to have this new tumor removed. I was 9 hours on the surgery table but it was successful. I then went to Flag and started my new Purif early November 2013. I could feel I was sweating out the rest of the anesthesia every single day for 50 days. Then it was totally gone! And I was back!

After completing my Purif on December 30th, 2013, I went home full of hope for 2014. I did postulate I wanted to go Clear in 2014, but had no clue how it would ever happen.

Then in March, after a CT scan, the shock: for the 3rd time, 2 new cancer tumors diagnosed in my belly, exactly where I got the last tumor removed 8 months ago by surgery (see PET CT picture from March 2013). Meaning: not one of the single body handlings I ever made was enough to stop my cancer.

The Professor that was in charge of me at the University Clinic Frankfurt wanted me to start a chemotherapy immediately. 3 months long! I knew too much about chemo and told him I was not going to do that.

I thought that was it. I posted something to ask for help in Facebook and got some answers from my fellow Scientologists that gave me hope.

I then called Flag and got accepted for a review. I jumped in a plane to Flag. After arriving I got accepted to finish my open SRD in the HGC, so I could do my PTS RD immediately after completing my SRD. I also started a high Vitamine C therapy from Dr. Rath – – Main active ingredients: Vitamin C 35.000mg/day, Lysine 15.000mg and green tea extract 15.000mg) while I was getting my additional processes. The Objective Processes alone completely changed my viewpoint on my cancer and after a few processes I was back to being my friend again (first time after eons) and regained the certainty that *I* was able to handle causatively my body and my cancer. Then I did my PTS RD and through the NED auditing on it I found out that I am immortal, which really de-PTSsed me a lot. This was early June.

I then did a new CT scan, 2,5 months after the devastating last one. Although in that time the normal progression of the cancer tumors should have been that their size doubled, they shrink a bit. Not a lot, but for the first time, they were getting smaller instead of bigger! What a win!

I went back to Germany for 10 days and got accepted to get NED assists as I came back on July 1st.

We first handled everything that was linked to that cancer. After 3 days I new that my cancer would just go, because my cells simply had no more reason to be there and destroy me. I kind of felt sympathy for these poor cancer cells being completely confused of no longer knowing, why they’ve been here and what the hell they should do now…

But not long!

2 days later I had huge furuncles under my arms, which I never had before, and an incredible amount of pus came out, particularly under the left armpit, which is where the lymph system goes shortly before going back to the heart. My cancer was on a lymph node. So I new my lymph system was just processing a complete clean up with the cancer cells which were no longer needed.

7 days later, I had the session where I got Clear and one week later, after a lot of Q&A and an incredible CCRD that saw all my doubts vanish (and me realize I just completed a looooong liability condition with myself being my own friend that I have been on for ages…), I attested to Clear!

I then started my OT Preps and did as part of it my Happiness RD. What a better way to do my non-E as a Clear with myself and the world?

In that state, I went home mid August.

Early September I did a new PET CT scan – see the picture of it – all gone! (PET is a nuclear imaging way of finding if one has cancer cells in the body through observing the combustion of sugar from cells).

The University Clinic Frankfurt Professor saw me and said: “What did you do?… There are no more cancer cells present and there is so little left out of the original tumors. Even with a chemotherapy there would be more of the tumor left! What just happened is a defeat for the traditional medicine!”

Sadly enough, he was not interested at all at what I did. He said There are no studies that show that high level vitamins handle cancers. I prepared an e-mail with links to the scientific studies from Dr. Rath. He never answered.

Anyway, nearly everything just vanished!

2 weeks ago I did a new scan to make sure everything was ok and the doctor told me it looks even better than in September!

I came back to Flag 10 days ago with the goal to do just my Student Hat. No more auditing, because I already had so much that year and somehow needed to make more cash for it…

First thing you know is that my reg found out I had exactly what it takes on my account to do L11… So I just completed L11, 2 days ago!

And now I am working at setting up L12 and this is gonna happen very soon!

The EP of L11 is know: a new life. And I can say with 100% certainty that this year and everything I did in Flag gave me a totally new life. I NEVER had a better Xmas gift!

Thank you to all of you who supported me through that time, to all the amazing Sea-Org Staffs who pushed me through whatever it took! And thank you to my greatest friend on the whole track: Ron!

This is “Dr.” Matthias Rath, mentioned above as prescribing over 35 grams/day of Vitamin C along with megadoses of Lysine and green tea extract. We have placed “Dr” in quotes because although he is usually described as a medical doctor, in a case in South Africa, his lawyer defended him by saying it is “a PHD doctorate he had obtained and his position as a researcher, not a medical doctor.”

UK newspaper The Guardian won a libel suit in 2008 brought by Rath following articles written by Ben Goldacre, which describe Rath’s program to combat HIV in South Africa with vitamins, and his claim that chemotherapy and HIV drugs are “poisonous compounds” with “not even one effective treatment” and “Multivitamin treatment is more effective than any toxic AIDS drug. Multivitamins cut the risk of developing AIDS in half.”

Today Rath promotes his “Cellular Health” and “Nutrient Synergy” products as treatment for cancer, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, immune disorders, high cholesterol, osteoporosis, arthritis, and a host of other ailments.


5 thoughts on “Scientologist Cures Cancer with Vitamins and Scientology Courses

  1. Are these all the medical images he provided in the source post? Because the ones that would corroborate his story are missing, here. There is the March 2013 CT and PET scans from the metastatic diagnosis, and a full body CT scan with no PET image from January 2013. He references a September 2013 scan that should show some evidence for this story, but that is missing, here.


  2. Sorry, the full body scan is January 2014. I guess that is the second one confirming the cancer is gone? There is a lot missing between March 2013 and January 2014, all of which is essential to evaluating this claim. If he can include the scans which bracket the incident in question, why doesn’t he include the scans of the incident itself?


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