Tonight – Stories from the Apollo

Mike Davies will be presenting stories from the Apollo tonight at the Polonco Org in Mexico City. Little information is available on the Internet about Mike, other than being a Director of FSSO, the Flag Ship Services Organization, which runs the Freewinds. From Google Translate:

Scientology Polonco

Story of what happened on the boat Apollo and how that relates to what is happening on the Freewinds in PresentTime

November 26 7:00 PM Admission Free

You have at the moment with us to Dissem Bank Sec Mr. Mike Davies who is a veteran member of the Sea Org (over 40 years), OEC-FEBC, worked with LRH in Apollo, was one of the first Official Commanders Flag Land Base.

Will be giving a report on the history and anecdotes of Apollo, show pictures and also tell you what happens in present time in the Freewinds.

Coffee Break
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Leibnitz No 44, Col. Anzures, Mexico DF Tel: 52555505

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