3 thoughts on “Narconon UK

  1. Somebody should steal the Jumping Retard Person from the sign, and see how long it take for anyone to notice….


  2. I hope no one does steel the “retard person” from the sign. Narconon Hastings didn’t just get me clean it balanced me out. As for any doubts a parent has about the issues that have gone on in America, I would say ask as many questions and visit as much as they feel they need to, that’s if it’s open yet! If a member of staff seems like theyre keeping something from the parent/funder then fuck it off because it may mean that the wrong type of person is running the place. I’m sure the many sceptics out there think I’m a scientologist etc but I must say that I didn’t know Narconon was anything to do with Scientology until I’d been there for about two months. It was also a rule that the minority of scientologists that worked there were not to talk/push their religion on students. Besides these people were far to sensible to realise that the students had enough shit to deal with without having to think about religion. I hope it opens one day because if I knew someone that wanted to sort themselves out I would be reluctant to advise them somewhere other than narconon.


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