Here’s a Google translation of this poster from the Polonco org in Mexico City.

OT Seminar
Conference No. 12 from 18 ACC, Confront and Tone 40
2 Sunday in November
Starts 10:00 to 2:00 pm

Taught by: Clarisse Meschoulam New OT VIII

Scientology is a science and it realizes that death is a mysterious subject that is not confronted …

If you attend this conference theme really as simple as LRH exposes …

We are the only thing we know that only lose body … but before that we have created the future for what follows.

Be there! You will learn interesting and valuable information and help us to understand other death.

Confirm your attendance

This is the Polonco org.

The Freewinds is in Aruba Today

Scientology likes to say that the Freewinds is the oldest cruise ship in the Caribbean. That means it is also the shortest cruise ship in the Caribbean, as today’s photo of the pool with nearby ships towering over demonstrates. Modern cruise ships are much larger than Freewinds.

Salt Lake City Ideal Org

Scientology has purchased a new Ideal Org location in Salt Lake City.

709 E. South Temple St. Salt Lake City, UT 84103, the former home of Moreton & Company, an insurance and financial services company.

The building has already been used for the viewing of the IAS video from Saint Hill.

Also a Halloween party.

And, of course, fundraising.

From the looks of the board, their goal for the night was $75,000. $45,000 of that was donated by John Blakemore, Alana Carol Farr another $8008, followed by a number of smaller donations in the $100-$500 range. Typically the first round of fundraising covers the cost of buying an Ideal Org building, followed by a second round for “renos,” or renovations. In the case of Salt Lake City, their building appears to be in good shape and they may be able to raise the money needed for the marble floors and walls seen in other Ideal Orgs.

Baltimore Life Improvement Center

A Facebook account for a Baltimore Life Improvement Center has announced that they will open to provide Scientology services in Cattonsville, MD in February 2015. Cattonsville is a small town in Baltimore County, with a population of 40,000, and is home to the University of Maryland – Baltimore County.

Life Improvement Centers are usually in-between the size of the smaller Missions and the larger Orgs. St. Petersburg, FL, Plant City, FL and Seattle, WA each have such a center. The photo used on Facebook is the sign of the London Life Improvement Center, formerly known as the London Org.

Sign up today, and you may qualify for an early bird discount of 25%.

Humanitarian Awards

A poor speller posted photos of the presentation of Humanitarian Awards by the Office of Special Affairs in Washington, DC.

On Wednesday October 22, the Church of Scientology National Affairs held its Anniversary Celebration. The event took place at Historic Frazer [sic] Mansion, in Washington, DC and was a solemn occasion to present Humanitarian Award yo [sic] honor those who have been helping to solve some of the world’s most serious situations.

The honorees include Wendy Pohlhaus, United States Attorney for the District of Columbia, James McGowan and Kevin Peach, National Voluntary Organization Action in Disaster (National VOAD), and Addie Richburg, National Alliance of Faith and Justice.

The Fraser (not Frazer) Mansion is the former home of the Founding Church of Scientology of Washington, DC (FCDC). It is now called the National Affairs Office, and is devoted to work by the Office of Special Affairs (OSA). Two long time OSA members, Sue Taylor and Beth Akiyama, are shown in the photographs presenting the awards.

The text of the article is deceptive, as Wendy Pohlhaus is an Administrative Assistant to the US Attorney, she is not actually the US Attorney. Attempts to reach the US Attorney, National VOAD and the National Alliance of Faith and Justice for comment have not been successful so far.

Drew Robb Writing Workshop

The Las Vegas Org held a writing workshop by Drew Robb (Class IV, OT VIII) on October 23rd.

And he is a writer, for such publications as Enterprise Today, Dell Computers, and the book Server Disk Management in a Windows Environment.

And now we know what he means by LRH Tech on writing.

I pulled in a huge new client.
The the publisher tried to cut the amount I would be paid by $10,000. I went in session and when I came out, his email accepted the original amount.

Communication Expert
I am a communicator, not a technology expert. I just happen to specialize in technical subjects. I get paid as I can communicate ideas better than those that hire me. They know their subjects, but either can’t write about them coherently or don’t have enough time to do so.

Other secrets
PDC Data:
A thetan knows by pervasion and approximation.
Pyramid of knowledge.
Student Hat and TRs. Ability to confront misunderstoods.
Evaluation of Information.