Humanitarian Awards

A poor speller posted photos of the presentation of Humanitarian Awards by the Office of Special Affairs in Washington, DC.

On Wednesday October 22, the Church of Scientology National Affairs held its Anniversary Celebration. The event took place at Historic Frazer [sic] Mansion, in Washington, DC and was a solemn occasion to present Humanitarian Award yo [sic] honor those who have been helping to solve some of the world’s most serious situations.

The honorees include Wendy Pohlhaus, United States Attorney for the District of Columbia, James McGowan and Kevin Peach, National Voluntary Organization Action in Disaster (National VOAD), and Addie Richburg, National Alliance of Faith and Justice.

The Fraser (not Frazer) Mansion is the former home of the Founding Church of Scientology of Washington, DC (FCDC). It is now called the National Affairs Office, and is devoted to work by the Office of Special Affairs (OSA). Two long time OSA members, Sue Taylor and Beth Akiyama, are shown in the photographs presenting the awards.

The text of the article is deceptive, as Wendy Pohlhaus is an Administrative Assistant to the US Attorney, she is not actually the US Attorney. Attempts to reach the US Attorney, National VOAD and the National Alliance of Faith and Justice for comment have not been successful so far.

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