Drew Robb Writing Workshop

The Las Vegas Org held a writing workshop by Drew Robb (Class IV, OT VIII) on October 23rd.

And he is a writer, for such publications as Enterprise Today, Dell Computers, and the book Server Disk Management in a Windows Environment.

And now we know what he means by LRH Tech on writing.

I pulled in a huge new client.
The the publisher tried to cut the amount I would be paid by $10,000. I went in session and when I came out, his email accepted the original amount.

Communication Expert
I am a communicator, not a technology expert. I just happen to specialize in technical subjects. I get paid as I can communicate ideas better than those that hire me. They know their subjects, but either can’t write about them coherently or don’t have enough time to do so.

Other secrets
PDC Data:
A thetan knows by pervasion and approximation.
Pyramid of knowledge.
Student Hat and TRs. Ability to confront misunderstoods.
Evaluation of Information.

One thought on “Drew Robb Writing Workshop

  1. This guy tried to make me do hard labour when I was in Scientology. He told me that I was a robot who needed commands in order to function. He tried to break me and failed.


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